Welcome to MovinGal

It is my hope that this blog becomes a great source of information for anyone who has gone through a move and is about to embark on one.  It is also here for some laughs because you will need a few as you unpack your boxes in the middle of the night that becomes morning too quickly!

Moving has some strange bedfellows.  It is ranked as one of the top three most stressful life experiences along with divorce and the death of a loved one.  So it is okay to feel overwhelmed at times in the midst of a move.  It will test you and your relationships but you will survive as I have, maybe with a few battle scars.

Moving is bleeping stressful.  (You can choose your expletive.)  I should know.  I have moved eleven times in sixteen years and that does not include all of my crazy college and graduate school moves.  Yes, I did say eleven times.  (Boy, I must really love my husband or I am just crazy, more the later.)  I have done international and domestic moves and there have been some great ones and some really bad ones.  I hope you can take away some valuable information from me and one another as we exchange dialog.