Moving Tip: Give Your Kids Some Extra Attention and Look for Warning Signs

Moving with children is demanding but it is so important to step away from your to-do-list and give your kids some extra attention.  I know I have been guilty of not making more time for my kids during some moves and it has made it harder on them.  Although making that extra time does make it harder on you , it is worth it because it helps to cushion the landing for your kids.  Once you do move make sure you keep an eye on them and chat with them regularly.  It may take them a good six months to a year to feel somewhat settled.  Unfortunately, there are some kids who will really have a problem with this transition and you may have to look for signs of depression.  If so, get professional help right away.  You know your child best, so if things do not seem right, make sure you get them the help they may need.

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