Moving Tips for Our Military Families: Keeping Notes on Your Medical Care

As I stated in my other post, my oldest son is going to have surgery today and it reminds of a great tip I learned from a nurse.  Noting all of your medical care in a journal is an invaluable tool to have as you move.  It also helps you remember details that you may otherwise have overlooked.  Even though your health care provider may have access to your medical records, it is so useful to have these details written down in the event of an emergency.  I have medical journals for each of my three sons.  Unfortunately, all of them have allergies and asthma.  It has been a great tool to track their medical history, medications, and vaccinations.  Because we move so much, our health care providers do not have access to our medical records right away, but this tool helps me put a medical issue in context.  It does not have to be fancy.  Mine is just a notebook with pockets.  You can get started at any time.  I started mine when my oldest was about three.  Consider starting one today.  I am sure it will serve you well as mine have.

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