Moving Tips for Our Military Families: Resource for Planning a Move

There is a wonderful resource available to you online that will help you set up a calendar and plan your move.  Military Homefront will help you set up checklists, calendars, phone lists and links to important websites.  It will also give you details of the amenities on the base you may be transferred too.  This can be a very valuable tool to keep you organized during your move.

Also, I suggest that you put together a portable file container that holds your important information like wills, social security cards, birth certificates, insurance policies, passports, copies of your driver’s license and checkbooks.  It is so important to have all of these important documents in one location.  I also keep a memory stick of photos of everything in our house.  You could also scan in other important documents and save them on a memory stick or cd to keep in the box.  Once you move, this can be your ‘in case of emergency’ box that you can take with you if you have an emergency.  It is a vital tool for you and your family.

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