Moving Tips for Our Military Families: When Moving With Kids, Try to Stay Positive

When you move with children, try to stay positive.  I want to emphasize that you set the tone for the move.  If you stay positive and excited about the new area (an academy award performance may be needed) your kids will feel it too, which will help them feel good about it as well.   If they see you making an effort to settle-in, they in turn will try as well.  Keeping those lines of communication open is invaluable.  This way you will see if your child is struggling to fit in and can take the necessary steps to intervene.  I wish all of you the best.  Moving with children is definitely no picnic but it does work out in the end.  After a year in your new place, you will sit back with your kids and remince on your experiences and it will seem like a distant memory.

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