Moving Tip for Our Military Families: Driving In the Snow

For those of you who have grown up in cold weather, this may seem absolutely ridiculous but believe you me it is not for those of us who grew up where there is no snow.  When I moved from Hawaii to Michigan, I had a really hard time driving in the snow.  I was completely unprepared and spun out several times in my little Geo Metro.  The first thing I did when I hit a slippery spot was slam on my brakes. I quickly found out that was the worst decision to make.  I point this out to save any of you from making my horrible mistakes.  Quickly, find yourself a friend who is from the area to take you out in a parking lot.  Let he or she teach you how to control the car when you hit ice.  This is key to preventing you from spinning out of control.  If you are shy or have not met anyone yet, call some driving instructors and have them teach you what you need to know.  Trust me. It is that important.

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