Moving Tip: Keeping the Kids Busy While Moving Out

It is a challenge to move with little ones especially when the weather is bad and they can’t go outside to play and you don’t have someone to watch them.  If you find yourself in this situation, consider these helpful tips to make the day easier on them and you.  I have three little guys, who are in constant motion.  Therefore, activity books will only keep them occupied for sometime.  I suggest you put together a ‘moving box’ for the kiddos.  In that box, pack up some really fun things that they like that are new to them.  I know it is hard to find time before the day of the move, but trust me this is a worthwhile exercise.  Buy a new movie, download a new application or game.  Purchase a new DS game or get legos.  In any event, buy something in your budget that will really grab their attention.  You can really build up the excitement and tell them they can’t open the box until the day they move out.  You could also get them disposable cameras so they can take pictures on the day of the move. It will keep them occupied and provide them with a great memento of their old home.  They could then put these pictures in a journal that they can start for the move.  This is a great outlet for them.  They can catalog their feelings and these pictures are a great way for them to reminisce.  Also, let them pick the meals for the day.  You will not be making anything, so have them take turns picking a place to eat.  If your kiddos are a little older, you can assign them tasks.  This will really help you out and keep them occupied.  If you are having professionals move you, have a chat with the crew leader.  Define a ‘safe’ place for your kiddos and explain this to the leader and your children.  This way they will know you have defined a special place for them.  Also, introduce yourself and your children to the crew leader and crew.  This will help ease some anxiety and get off to a good start.

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