Moving Tips for Our Military Families: Discussing Your Changing Priorities

At the beginning of a PCS you are inundated with things to do.  Those of you who are experienced and have moved extensively, you may have your own system down to a science.  However, those who are still rather new at moving may be working on developing a system that works best for them.  I do suggest that whether you are experienced or not, sitting down with your significant other to reevaluate priorities is so important.  What was important in finding a place for your last move, may no longer be relevant and may be replaced with something new.  This is especially important if your partner may have been deployed.  Having been away for awhile, he or she may not be completely familiar with the everyday routine. Sitting down with him or her to explain what worked and what didn’t will help both of you have a clear understanding of your priorities for your next place.

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