Moving Tips for Our Military Families: Keeping the Kids Busy While You Move In

Moving in with little ones are especially difficult because you may not have the option to leave them with someone.  Planning ahead of time will help mitigate problems.  It is so important to think of moving in before you even move out of your old home.  I suggest that prior to moving out, make sure you have your kiddos pack up some special toys that are important to them and give them comfort to take with them.  I also suggest that you pack a special box for each of your kiddos.  In it pack up things that will be special or keep them occupied on move-in day.  Keep the contents a secret but show them their special box on the day you move out.  When you move in, it can serve as a special treasure hunt for the kids.  You can decorate it with stickers that they like and put their name on it.  If you are having professionals move you, make sure that they label that box according to your child’s room.  This way you can narrow down the search for them.  I am a big fan of disposable cameras for the kiddos.  This will enable them to catalog the day of the move.  It will keep them occupied and offer more photos for their journal.  They can take pictures of their new rooms and think of decorating ideas.  This will help them start the settling-in process.

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