Moving Tips for Our Military Families: Things to Think of When Flying Your Pet

You may find yourself moving a long distance away from where you currently live.  If so and you are moving with a pet, you may consider flying your pet to your new location.  If you decide to do this, planning ahead is essential to prevent complications.  Meet with your vet first.  Once you have assessed the travel readiness of your pet with your vet, you must make sure you have the appropriate documentation ahead of time. A rabies certificate is essential if you will be flying your pet.  It is important to note there are size restrictions and pets that can’t fit in a carrier under the seat will have to travel in the bottom of the aircraft.  If your pet must fly bellow, make sure you think of the weather.  There are weather restrictions for airline carriers if your pet is traveling in the bottom of the aircraft.  You will not be able to transport your pet in the extreme hot or cold for their safety.  There are companies that will transport your pet for you. They are great but can be costly.  You may consider using them if you are moving overseas.  They will help get the additional documentation in order for the country you may be moving to and from.  If you choose this option, make sure you get a quote ahead of time from several companies and check references.  You can fly your pet on your own.  We have done both and either will works well.  The key is preparation and having your documentation in order.  This will make the day of travel much easier.

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