Moving Tip for Our Military Families: After the Move

With as many times as we have moved, I have always found the day after the movers leave our things in our new home the most stressful.  No matter how prepared I am, it is still difficult.  The reason why I find this time the most difficult is because you are visually hit by the task at hand.  Boxes are in every room and the only way your things are going to be put away is you.  If you have children, it is even more challenging because you are in a new place and may not know anyone to help with watching them while you unpack.  I have worked into the early hours of the morning unpacking so that I could be around during the day to care for and entertain my boys.  Sleep was a luxury that I did not catch up on until we were settled.  So I feel your pain.

Nonetheless, the way I have been able to overcome that day is to focus on what is important to have done in order to make my life easier for me and my family.  I find that is the kitchen for me.  I feel that once you have completed the kitchen you are over half way there.  After that is completed, I begin to move from room to room until everything is done.  We also breakdown the boxes and put the paper back in some boxes to help cut down on the clutter.  For us, the garage is always last.

As you unpack, keep in mind to look out for any damaged items.  If you had professionals move you, take pictures and document the loss.  You do have time to make your claims, so wait until you are finished unpacking.  This will also encourage you to get it done.

In any event, understand that the day after the move is stressful and it may take you several months before everything is where you want it.  Be patient with yourself.  Your new home will feel like home sooner than you think.

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