Moving Tip for Our Military Families: Looking for a Rental Property? Here Are a Few Tips

If you are planning on looking at a rental property this weekend, keep in mind several things to help you with your search.  Just as I suggested with the home search, bring with you a camera and a notebook.  In your notebook, note what is important to you before you start your search.  Are amenities important?  Is space a priority?  What is your budget? Is location very important to you?  All of these should be put in your notebook so that you can take notes on the properties you have seen to make sure your criteria is met.  Take pictures.  This is so important because when you begin looking at properties it is so hard to keep track of which one offered this versus that.  If you have pictures, you will have a visual catalog of what you saw.  It may point out something you missed during your visit.  This is why pictures have served me so well in the past.

Keep in mind certain rental markets are competitive so make sure you are ready to act if you want a property.  Bring with you your checkbook so that you can offer a deposit.  Also, have with you several references in case they ask for them.  It is always best to be prepared and get your first choice instead of settling for second because you were not.

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