Moving Tip: When Selling Your Home, Don’t Forget the Landscape Even This Time of Year

When you are putting your house on the market, landscaping is an important part of the complete package that you want to sell to your potential buyer.  How do you do that in the spring when you live in a climate that still has snow this time of year?

The thing to keep in mind is that your buyer will understand that you will not have your lovely perennials in full bloom in the middle of March.  However, you do need to pay attention to what the outside of your home looks like.  This is the first impression you will make on your buyer and you do not want to leave them disappointed.

First, clear off your porch, any paths and stairs of ice and snow.  You do not want anyone to slip and fall as they enter your home.  Second, clear out any forgotten and buried items around your home.  You don’t want your house to look neglected.  Put your snow shovel and ice melt bags in the garage.  If you have pets, please clean up after them.  Nothing is worse than having a potential buyer step in poop as they get out of their car.

Also, tend to any items that are in need of repair.  If you have plowed a few landscape lights into a ditch, fix or replace them.  Look at your door and entrance.  Does it look tired?  I know painting in spring weather can be impossible but look at things you can do.  Does your hardware look tired? Replace it.  Do you have dead or empty planters on your porch?  Put them in the garage.  If you get a warm streak and your door really needs to be repainted, consider making the effort.

Remember the more you put in, the greater the potential reward.


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