Moving Tip: When Moving Near a Holiday, Make Sure to Time it Well

The Memorial Day holiday made me think of the time we moved during a holiday weekend.  This may sound like a great idea because you have a few days off to get things done.  It is if you time it right.  Keep in mind that most moving companies will take the holiday, so you will not be able to take delivery of your goods over a holiday weekend.  The best way to take advantage of the holiday weekend is to take possession right before the holiday.  However, everyone else will want to do this as well so plan early.  If you are planning to move out, make sure you are out right before or after the holiday.

Another really important thing to remember is to make sure you time the shut off of your utilities before the holiday or right after.  If you are moving in, make sure you have transferred the utilities on the date of possession so that you have them available to you when you move in.  The utility companies will not be available to you over the holiday.

I mention this so that you can learn from our mistakes.  You don’t want to be like us and move in to an apartment and have to go purchase an air mattress and blanket because you did not think about the impact of the holiday on taking possession of your goods.

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