Moving Tip: More Packing Tips for College

Packing for college is the prelude to the move of a wonderful time in your life.  The more prepared you are the easier your move and transition will be.  If possible, you should find out what your space will be like.  This will help you understand what you can or should take with you.  Beyond your clothes and toiletries, you will need linens, a pillow, and a storage box that you can lock.  Access to showers will determine whether or not you will need shower shoes and a robe.  Depending on your budget, if you can bring a computer with you, it will make your college life much easier.  Also, if you can afford it and fit it in your room, a dorm fridge is a great thing to have.  You will be able to have some food with you in case you miss your meals at the cafeteria.  If hot drinks are important to you for late night studying, you may want to consider getting a kettle or one of those all-in-one hot beverage machines that make a cup at a time.

All the best! Enjoy your college years.  You will always look at it with fondness so make the best of your time.




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