Moving Tip: What You Will Need for Your Dorm Room

As you prepare for your move to college, you will have to think of what you will need to take with you for your dorm.  There are several mainstays that you will definitely need.  You should bring bedding and pillow, a robe, slippers and toiletry bag.  In addition to your personal belongings, computer and cell phone if you have one, you want to think of essential paperwork you should have.  You should also make copies of you driver’s license, health insurance card and student identification and other documents to put in a safe place like a portable file folder.  This way if you loose your wallet or it is stolen, you will have some reference point to start.

Think about things that make you feel comfortable and remind you of home like pictures, favorite keepsake, journal and favorite food.  In the excitement of starting college, you may not think these things will be important.  However, once you have been there awhile you may have a day when you need some extra comfort and you will be glad you brought them.


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