Happy Holidays! Having Family Over In Your New Place…….

man carrying a turkeyYou’ve just moved in and you’re still trying to get settled and then you get ‘the call’.  “Oh honey, we would love to come and see you for the holidays.”  Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!  Tis’ the season!  Are you kidding me!?!  Isn’t the airfare cost prohibitive?  No such luck! You find yourself torn.  Do I say yes and be completely stressed out or do I say no and feel the wrath of the in-laws.  Trust me I have done both.  There is never enough holiday merriment for that kind of stress.  I have stayed up to the wee hours of the morning trying to unpack and make it happen.

There is something I have learned now looking back over the years.  If the family who is asking to come visit is helpful and non-judgmental by all means take them into your new home.  However, if your family is just going to make you uncomfortable and cause you more work and stress, take the hit and say no.  Remember, they have to love you because your family.

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