You Don’t Have To Be Out of Parenting Magazine to Make Friends

boy on a swingOh, you have seen them.  The parents that have stepped right out of Parenting Magazine and their kiddos.  They are the ones whose children sit ever so quietly and smile.  They are clean and put together.  Tantrums? What is that?  And then here I come with my motley crew of boys.  Their clothes did not last through breakfast and they could eat another meal from the remains on their shirt.  Quiet is not a word in our household vocabulary.  Thus, we do make an entrance.

However, as chaotic and crazy as this may seem, I was still able to connect and meet wonderful friends as we moved to various locations. I may have frightened some moms away, but for those who stayed many great friendships developed.  I say this to encourage you, who are in the midst of relocating with young families.  Stay confident and get out and explore.  Expose yourself and children to opportunities where you can begin to meet other moms and their children.  Be persistent.  At times, you will encounter weird looks, but you will also meet some very empathetic moms.  You will be surprised that you may meet your life-long friend on a park bench as your children play in the sandbox.  So don’t be discouraged.  If I can meet some great friends time and time again, you can too.

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