New Opportunities

New Year 2012As we leave 2011 behind and ring in 2012, I reflect back on what a great year it has been.  We were able to expand on our services for you.  Interest in the blog continues and launching the website this summer was a great addition.  Over this past year, I have learned a tremendous amount from you my readers and from growing MovinGal.  I have had a chance to meet and network with some wonderful entrepreneurs, who will be the lifeblood of turning this economy around.  They give me energy and ideas.  I look forward to expanding on what I have learned and taking MovinGal forward.    My passion for helping people move and settle into their new lives with the least amount of stress is what drives me and MovinGal.  I hope you find what you’re passionate about and pursue it with vigor in 2012.  I look forward to another great year full of potential, new opportunities, wonderful people and experiences. I wish you health, joy and prosperity for the new year.

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