The Boxes Are Unpacked, Now What? Get Engaged.

Family walking on path holding hands smilingAfter the boxes are unpacked, now what?  Getting engaged in your new community is key to feeling settled.  This is easier said than done.  Trust me. I know.  If you try to do everything at once you may be setting yourself up for some disappointment and exhaustion.  However, if you tackle it one at a time, it may make it easier on you and your family.  For example, if you have kids get them settled in their new school and sign them up for the activities they like in order to help with their transition.  This will also help them find friends and feel welcome.  As for yourself, find things that will help you to feel at home or back in a routine.  If you like to work out, join a gym.  If you like to read, join a book club.  Find whatever will help you get back to your life and meet new friends.  Finding work will also help you meet colleagues and establish yourself.  Given this economy, it may take longer than expected so be patient.

Being a stay-at-home trailing spouse makes it difficult because it may seem like you have less opportunity to engage.  However, there are places to go and spouses like yourself to meet.  Parks and libraries are great ways to meet other parents.  I have met many friends just sitting down and having a chat on park bench.  MOPs and Moms Clubs are great way to meet other moms, especially if you have little ones that are not in school yet.  Sports and activities are a great way to meet other parents.  Consider joining a neighborhood bunco group to meet more friends.  In any event, you will begin to establish yourself in your new community.  Be patient.  It will be worth it in the end.

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