Activities for Kids

3 boys with sportsAs I just finished up registering my boys for another spring season of soccer (Burr!), it has got me to think of how important sports has played a role in getting our boys settled in a new community.  Once you have moved into a new area with your family, you are often left trying to make the most of entertaining your kids and trying to get them to make friends.  A great way to get them to interface with other kids is to pursue activities that are of interest and fun to them.  You can begin your research even before you move.  This is especially important if your child plays club sports or is involved with national programs in dance or cheering.  If the activity or sport is a part of a larger organization, chances are you will be given an opportunity to transfer to your new location.  This is so helpful because you will be familiar with the folks and organization.  It will help your child feel more comfortable with the move knowing that he or she can still participate in something they love to do.

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