Moving? Stay Positive

Lady carrying a moving boxMoving.  Moving conjures up many negative thoughts. Often times folks would rather have a root canal than move.  Why is that?  Well, most of us are creature of habit.  Further, the thought of displacement is at times overwhelming.  Given all of that, you can set a positive tone for your move.  See it as an adventure.  Think of your move as an opportunity.  An opportunity to live in a new place, meet new people and explore.

Break down that overwhelming task list into manageable pieces.  This will help you tackle all of those items on your list.  Downsize.  This will help you pare down and move just what you need.  Further, selling your things will help to finance some of your move.  Keep the lines of communication open with your family, especially if you have children.  It is important to realize that if you stay positive, others will see this as a positive experience.  I’m not candy coating it.  Moving is stressful and time consuming.  However, the more organized and positive you are the better it will be.  Keep reminding yourself that you will be settled soon and life will return to normal.

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