Moving with Kids? Moving with a Toddler.

3 boysHow do you move with a toddler?  Toddlerhood is a beautiful and challenging time that as a parent you have to enjoy because it goes by too fast.  Adding a move will pose some very interesting and unexpected moments.  The best advice I can offer is to be creative, flexible and when all else fails have a glass of wine.  When we moved with my boys as toddlers, we had our moments.  The funniest one that comes to mind is when we were potty training my Benny as we moved from Nevada to Colorado.  I was not going to give up on it just for the move.  How we succeeded was by letting him ‘decorate’ the abundance of rocks on the side of the road as we traveled by car.  He loved it.  It did take much longer to make the trek and it was a bit of an adventure but we really enjoyed it and at the end of the day he was potty trained.  We did have to ‘retrain’ him when we moved in, since he still preferred the rocks.  For those of you with girls, it may be harder.

In any event, there are many things you can do to make it easier on yourself.  The good news is that there are plethora of disposable, portable and convenience items that make life in transition easy.  From pack and plays to portable potties, you just have to take a trip to a baby store and you will be able to find everything you can possibly need and more. Beyond the convenience items, keep in mind that if you make it a fun adventure, your little one will be excited about what lies ahead.  Toddlers are curious by nature and if you harness that energy and channel it positively, it will make your move easier.  Take advantage of this thirst for adventure and curiosity.  It will make it a memorable experience for you and your family.

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