Moving College Students

girl sleeping on booksOK. So spring break is around the corner.  After the hangover, you return to finish up studies.  Studying, studying and more studying for finals.  Holy ****! You realize that the semester is over and summer is here.  You are now throwing all of your possessions in garbage bags to get out of town hoping it all fits in your tiny car before it gets towed.  Not that I am speaking from experience or anything….

If you are moving home for the summer, chances are you have the flexibility to wait.  However, if you are moving on and transitioning to professional life after graduation, you will need to do some planning.   Given this competitive job market, you will want to start as early as you can.  You may have to take some opportunities you did not envision, but keep in mind it is better to take something to prove yourself than to hold out for something that may not come.  Experience is what will set you apart to employers, so the more you can get your hands on, the better off you will be.  Further, because of the economy, the rental stock in most markets is very competitive and it is more difficult to obtain a rental property.  Therefore, once you know where you are moving, you need to begin your search.  Most land lords will do a credit check and want proof of of employment.  Be prepared and have any documentation ready to hand.  Good luck!  It is the time of your life and enjoy every minute of it because it goes by way too quickly.


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