Checking In and Checking Out

lady carrying a moving boxThere is a time in the process of your move when you check out of your current surroundings and focus on checking in to your new place.  It is not something that is planned, but rather it just happens.  There is a point where you mentally move on and make your move.  The hard part is for those who you leave behind.  They may or may not get this new mindset.  They are looking to hold on for as long as they have you and you are trying desperately to juggle your time constraints and commitments.  Keep in mind that it may seem overwhelming but you are in survival mode.  The things that need to get done will get done and those that don’t will not.  Accept it and move on.  Don’t beat yourself up over the things that are missed.  Stay positive.  Your friends and family will get it and understand.

From our YouTube Channel to our website, let MovinGal help you make that transition successfully.

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