Kids and Moving? Make Sure to Get Copies of Documents Before Summer

kid with a backpackIf you are moving, make sure to get all of the information and documentation you need for your kiddos before school lets out.  Take the time now to take steps to prepare before the chaos begins.  Further, you want to be able to speak to teachers and administration so that they have the time to organize the paperwork you need before summer.  You may want to consider getting copies of transcripts, IEPs (individual education plans) and any special accommodations needed for your child.  This is so important if you child has special needs.  Being prepared and having the documentation to hand will help with the transition to the new school for your child.  It will also establish all of the services you may need in your new school.

Time eludes you when you are moving, so making the most of your limited time and being prepared will help you help your child make the transition.

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