Moving Tips for Our Military Families: Resources to Find a Rental Property

With PCS season right around the corner, I thought this would make a great repost.  For those of you who have moved many times with the Armed Forces, these resources may already be in your toolbox you use as you prepare to move.  However, for those of you who have moved a few times or are just getting started, these resources may provide you a great way to find just the right rental property for you.  The advantage you do have as a member of the Armed Forces is that you have a wealth of resources available to you. Here are a few online resources to help you get started with your search.  They range from private companies to Department of Defense sponsored websites that will help you find a rental near your installation.

Rent.Com (On-line resource that allows you to search for rental properties based on certain criteria)

Military Moves (On-line resource that helps military families find housing near their installation)

Automated Housing Referral Network (Department of Defense sponsored website that helps relocating military families find housing)

Military  By Owner Real Estate (On-line resource that helps military families find homes to buy or rent close to military installations)

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