Unpacking My Minivan?

minivan with drawingsOk.  I know this has very little to do with moving, but I just could not help myself.  It was a moment that I had to write and catalog.  My minivan is the boys main transport and we spend a great deal of time in it.  However, I had to go on base this week so I wanted to clean out my van before I made the trek.  It’s not like I don’t vacuum and clean out my car on a regular basis, but it had been awhile and OMG!  It was like a horrible Easter Egg hunt filled with disgusting finds like sticky liquid in cup holders in the back, several shoes that never had the matching one to make a pair, food remnants, wrappers, Gatorade bottles, and toys.  Did I mention toys!?!  I thought that when I had three boys, I would not have to worry small Barbie shoes and hair clips. I had no idea how Legos could drive one human being crazy.  There is nothing like stepping on those darn things in the middle of the night to make you do a dance that rivals Elaine on Seinfeld.

Nevertheless, for all you moms out there, who open their slide minivan door with pride and soccer balls and water bottles come a flying….Here’s to you!  Just smile when some twenty-year old girl looks at you as if you have three heads…just give her a look that says don’t judge me sweetheart…you will be in my shoes sooner than you think….

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