How to Move to a New School

Mom and child going to schoolAs we all begin the back to school shopping, you may be wondering how to move your child to his or her new school successfully.  Your child will not only have to transition into their new home and life but also their new school.  Moving and kids can be a tricky combination.  Even if you have moved early on in the summer, your child may be feeling anxious to start his or her new school.  Being cognizant of its potential impact will help you take steps to alleviate some of those feelings.  The most important thing to keep in mind is to keep the lines of communication open.  Recognize that depending on the age of your child, feelings of stress may manifest itself in behavior.  Patience and approaching your child with understanding will help to diffuse some feelings.  Take your child to his or her new school prior to the chaos of the first day.  Let them get familiar with their new surroundings.  If you time it well, you may be able to visit with returning faculty.  Call ahead and speak to someone.  This way you can be assured of the best day to visit.  Taking steps ahead of time and tailoring them to each of your child’s needs will help them make the move to a new school successfully.

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