Where Should I Live?

row of town homesWhere should I live is a question that takes some time to figure out when you are contemplating a move.  The first thing you want to do is get online.  There is a wealth of information to start your search.  If you are looking to buy, Realtor.com is a fantastic resource.  If renting is your option, Move.com offers great listings.  If you are on a PCS, definitely check out MilitarybyOwner.com.  Each of these resources offer you a service to find an available place to live and a good starting point.  If you are trying to evaluate which place is best for you, then MovinGal.com is what you need.  MovinGal.com will give you all of the community based information in proximity to your address to help you make an informed decision. MovinGal will complete the picture and save you valuable time.

Using all of your available resources will help you make an educated decision and you will be happy with your choice on where you live.

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