You Know You Move Often When…..

moving boxes in corner or roomYou know you move often when….

You do not label your child’s backpack with your address.

Scratches and dents in your furniture do not ruin your day.

Your holiday card list is greater than you ever imagined.

Each of your children have birth certificates from different places.

Your child has a pediatrician for each year of his or her life.

You still have items in boxes and it doesn’t bother you.

Your cell phone number has an area code from a state you lived in four moves ago.

You know it is time to get rid of something because it has three different moving stickers on it, which means you haven’t used it since three moves ago.

Once you know where the grocery items are located in the store, you start to think when are moving again?

Please feel free to let me know your ideas of you know you move often when……

We could all use a good laugh.   If you move often, let MovinGal help you find the community-based information you need to hit the ground running.

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