Blending Families

Large familyI thought this would make a great repost.  Blending families present some opportunities and challenges for both families involved.  This is especially true when combining households.  In addition to the added stress of moving, you will be faced with having to combine two households into one.  For blending families, this can be challenging on all levels.  From space to logistics and sensitivities, it will all have to be addressed.  The key is communication.  Begin with a family meeting to ensure everyone feels apart of the process.  Identify needs, wants and desires.  Discuss what has to be done and what compromises can be made.  Once everyone has a clear understanding, you want to begin to weed through things that will be making the move and what will have to be sold or donated.  It is important to be respectful of your new family member’s things.  Let them parse through their own things with agreed parameters.  This will help prevent conflict.  Some things will be easy.  For example, you may have two sets of the same kitchen appliances.  However, there may be some harder decisions that will need to be made like what to do with the canoe that father and son used on fishing trips?

Space and budget will drive the decisions of what can stay and what will have to go.  Keeping an open channel of dialog will make all the difference in a successful transition into your new life together.  As parents of this new blended family, you set the tone of the move.  Stay positive and the children will take your queues from you.

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