prescription medicineWhen you are moving, you will need to think about your medications.  In order to make sure you have an adequate supply of medication to get you through your transition and find another doctor, you need to sit with your current medical provider and discuss your impending move.  You will need to identify your medications and supply.  Make sure you have refills for not only your daily medications but also medicine that you use occasionally.  There are some controlled substances that will make this difficult for you.  For example, if your child has ADHD, you will not be able to get several refills at once for stimulant medication.  Therefore, you will need to get a forwarding address quickly to ensure there are no gaps in coverage because your doctor can continue to mail you prescription refills to your temporary address.  In addition to the medication, you will also need to find out about insurance coverage.  This is especially true if you are moving for a new job.  Take the time to understand what you currently have and if there will be any gaps in coverage and take steps to account for any.

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