Fall Activities

fall forestThe best part of moving is that you get an opportunity to experience new things and environments.  I am known to be a ‘hot-house’ flower because I grew up in Hawaii and enjoy the warmth.  However, I have grown to appreciate the change of seasons.  After summer, my favorite season is the fall.  Fall is an amazing time full of fun-filled activities.  For those of you who are new to the experience, take it all in.  Hot apple cider, picking apples and pumpkins, hay rides, donuts and corn mazes are just a sample of what fall can bring.  Take the time to find out what your community has to offer.   Do some research and go out and explore all of the fall activities in your area.  It may be as simple as a hike in the woods to appreciate the change of the color.  All of these fall activities offer you a chance to appreciate the season.  The crisp air and smell of spice adds to the ambiance.  It is not too cold and you can still go out and enjoy nature in its glory.  The first time I had the opportunity to see the leaves change was an amazing experience and I still appreciate it.  The intensity of mother nature’s paint brush is breath taking.  I want to encourage you to enjoy what your new place has to offer.  You will come to appreciate it as I have.  Every new place that you find yourself in has something unique to offer.  So take full advantage of it.  Soon, it will become a way of life that you will appreciate and come to expect it.

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