Safety Tips: 5 Ways to Avoid Injuries During a Move

man carrying many boxesThe very thought about moving to a new location brings in a feeling of excitement, as you get to meet new people and settle down in a totally different place. However, the excitement dies down when you think about packing and unpacking during the move. Stressful activities such as packing, unpacking and loading items during the move can lead to various health issues. Besides, being a stressful process, moving can cause minor and severe injuries.

During the moving process you need to deal with numerous activities such as lifting, loading and unloading items. In order to make your move an enjoyable experience, it is imperative to consider certain safety tips prior to the big move. A great deal of attention is needed in order to stay safe during the move. Here are 5 ways you can prevent injuries during the moving process.

1. Is Moving Taking a Toll On Your Back? Check out tips to avoid Back Injury

Moving heavy items while relocating to another place can take a toll on your back. The best way to avoid back injury while on the move is to utilize legs for lifting items instead of your back. Squat down, grasp the item and pick it up placing weight on your legs instead of your back. By exerting pressure on leg muscles you will be able to avoid back injury. You can simplify the process of lifting boxes by distributing weight of boxes evenly. This can be done by packing items in various boxes, instead of loading all items in one single box.

2. Stay Hydrated With Water

You can get very tired after lifting, packing and unloading items during moving. A strenuous process like this can dehydrate your body. Stay hydrated and active during the moving process by carrying a filtered water bottle with you throughout the move.

3. Look Out For Unsafe Walkway Areas

There can be certain areas around your home that may have unsafe sidewalks and walkway areas. These dangerous walkway areas in your home pose a major threat in loading items during the moving process. It is important to ensure that the stairs leading to your home are safe and the floor is not slippery.  If you are moving yourself, remember to take care when traversing on these vicarious areas.  If you are hiring a removal and storage company  be sure to point out any problems so they can prepare accordingly.  Use a tip from the professionals and place sign boards or mats on dangerous areas.

4. Avoid Loading Flammable Items

Flammable items like match boxes, paint thinners, aerosol cans and other chemicals must not be loaded in the vehicle used for moving items. These items are flammable and dangerous.  Professionals will not transport these items.  Therefore, if you are moving yourself  avoid including these items during the move.

5. Carry First Aid Kit to Treat Minor Injuries

When moving, you need to carry along a first aid kit that will help you easily treat minor injuries. First aid kit containing aspirin, band-aids, antibiotic cream and other first aid items is very useful during the entire move.

Also, ensure that your cell phone containing important phone numbers is fully charged so that anyone around can contact your family members if you are seriously injured.

I hope these safety tips will help you stay safe during the move and make your moving a pleasurable experience.

Rony Mikal is an avid blogger by hobby and copywriter by profession.

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