Acclimating to Cold Weather

young woman in winter clothesAcclimating to cold weather can be challenging.  If you are a ‘hot-house’ flower like myself and grew up in a warm weather environment, moving to a place with cold weather will be a huge adjustment.  The key to making this transition is educating yourself.  You will be COLD! It will feel uncomfortable at first but dressing in layers is so important.  Equipping yourself with the right accessories is also a priority.  I learned the hard way that wearing penny loafers with trouser socks in the middle of winter to watch a tree lighting ceremony was not smart.  I swore I froze my toes off that night.  Get yourself a great coat, scarf, hat, gloves and boots.  If your hands get very cold, consider mittens.  I still own a pair.  You don’t even have to sacrifice fashion in order to be warm.  Shop smart and make sure it has the appropriate temperature ratings.  If you are confused, ask a store clerk for help.  Explain to them your circumstances and they will be more than willing to help.

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