Moving Out

moving boxMoving out is always full of mix feelings.  There are some exceptions.  The day you move into your first home is such an exciting and amazing time that it overshadows everything else.  However, as you move from one home to another it can be filled with mixed feelings because of the memories you create there.  Today, I moved out of our home where we lived for three years and I was filled with mixed feelings.  It was a beautiful place and neighborhood and I really enjoyed living there.  I had to remind myself that a house does not make a home but rather you and your family do.  So keep in mind that it is perfectly normal to feel this way.  Moving can conjure up a variety of emotions so don’t fight your feelings, rather embrace them.  Find something that gives you comfort to get you through.  If you like to write, get yourself a journal.  If you like to chat, call your friends and go out.  Remember, whatever you left behind will always be with you.  What you are feeling now is temporary and will soon pass.  So, take solace in that.

Apologies.  Our guest posts have been on hold for a while.  They will return next week.  I look forward to sharing with you some great submissions.

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