Jury Duty

jury dutyI hope you are sitting down.  I have finally been a place long enough to actually report to jury duty.  Yesterday, I was very close to being on a jury in a felony case.  Fortunately for my kids, I was three seats away from serving, which meant I could spend spring break with them.  I know.  Jury duty is our civic obligation.  However, nothing is worse than getting called for jury duty than being asked to serve in the middle of a move.  Unfortunately, this has happened to me several times.  Why couldn’t my lotto number be called instead?  Go figure.

I have learned that if you are called for jury duty during a move and you are relocating out of their jurisdiction, you will have to call the jury commissioner’s office to let them know.  When you call, ask them what they will need to excuse you and update their records.  In my experience, they will need something in writing from you with regards to your new forwarding address to document your move.  If you are moving within their jurisdiction and your move conflicts with your date of service, call and ask about their policies.  You may be able to postpone your service until later.  Some jurisdictions are more flexible than others but you will have to contact them to find out the details.  Those contact details will be on the notice they send you.  The most important thing you have to consider is that you have to address this.  If not, you may face a bench warrant, which is the last thing you need during a move.

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