How do I fix…..

young couple pointing at tvThis twelfth move has been full of ups and downs.  While I was packing this weekend, our flat screen television quit.  It would not turn on.  The timing could not have been worse since I have been using it as a digital sitter at times.  I was so frustrated.  The good news is that I went right online to try and trouble shoot the problem.  I queried how do I fix my Visio television and I was inundated with a plethora of YouTube videos.  Much to my surprise, I found one that directly addressed my problem.  After changing out the power fuses on the television, it is working like a charm.  To quote my friend, Mark.  I used YouTube to fix the boob tube.  It cost me only $10.  Hooray!  Why am I telling you this?  Well, most often times during a move you will encounter some type of trouble with a device.  If so, go online.  Check out YouTube.  It could save you time and money.

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