How to Organize Your Move

moving boxes and cartHow to organize your move? Whether you’re a first time mover or experienced in the art of relocation, planning a move comes with its fair share of surprises and hectic moments. A great way to get rid of the stress and ensure you are fully prepared for moving day is to remain organized. You don’t want to feel the harsh emotions of stress and anxiety during a pivotal time in your life. Here are some tips to keep your cool during your moving journey and to help make it more manageable.

Organize in writing

First things first, get out your pen and paper, smart phone, or laptop and jot down all your important info. The main things you should keep track of are the tasks to be finished before moving out, the rooms of the house that need to be packed, and any contact information you’ll need. You should also keep an inventory checklist to make sure all your belongings that are being moved are accounted for.

When writing out your tasks, give each one a deadline so you can keep track of your timeline and stay motivated to get them done. Give yourself a special treat after you’ve checked something off your list.

Having your tasks in writing is a great organizational tool when moving. You can always refer back to the list to make sure you haven’t forgotten something, or add to the list when new tasks arise.  It will make you feel motivated as you proceed with your move, and help keep you calm when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Organize your mind

Along with organizing in writing, it’s necessary to organize and relax your mind when moving. Make sure you remain positive and focused during your move. Don’t let the small details bother you so much, and when you are feeling overwhelmed by the stress of a move, a simple break can ease your mind. Take a short walk, do five minutes of deep breathing, or take a power nap to gain some energy. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

Hiring a moving company or moving broker can help ease the stress of a major move. If you’re worried about the labor that’s involved, hiring helping hands might be a good idea. You might feel the need to do everything yourself, but accepting help from others will make the process much easier, and will put less stress on your shoulders. Take advantage of different companies’ packing services, as well as the help of your friends and family.

Even if you’re not the most organized person, with the right amount of systematized effort and a focused mind, you can get through the stress of moving day with ease. The most important part to making your household move as smooth as possible is your drive and attitude.

Samantha Kay works with social media at Budget Van Lines.

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