Smooth Move 101: Love Your Bubble Wrap and Other Simple Tips

Lady with rulerMoving can be overwhelming if you’re not properly prepared. Get organized now, before you actually have to physically move your belongings, and stay positive—it could be kind of fun. What?! That’s right. We said fun. Start by reading these tips for a smooth move:

Organization Advice

It may seem easy to simply throw everything in boxes and bags to sort out later. Don’t do this. You’ll regret the decision for a number of reasons: It’s awkward to carry and stack, it’s difficult to label plastic bags and you will have a hard time remembering where you put that pair of shoes you need NOW.

Organization can be as basic or complex as you want. At least formulate a plan of attack. Make a list of your belongings and label boxes with general information—what the box contains and what room it goes in.

Use Plastic Wrap Liberally

Allow yourself liberal use of the ever-versatile saran wrap. Cover the openings on all your toiletries with it, and then screw them shut to prevent leakage. You can use the press and seal type on your dresser drawers and leave your clothes inside, using them like boxes. It also works to keep little things in place, like jewelry. For shipping, it comes in large rolls and can be used to protect large items.

Pack Like Everything is Fragile

When the pressure is on to get out of an apartment or house and on the road, sometimes we cut corners. This can be bad news for your inherited china, your television or your favorite cereal bowl. Moving is tiring work, which can mean dropped boxes or worse. You must prepare for this when you pack.

Tape boxes securely, top and bottom. Wrap everything that can break in newspaper, specialty packing paper or bubble wrap. The Learning Channel recommends packing plates vertically to prevent breakage. Also, keep the largest items on the bottom of the box, and work to fill all boxes completely so they are stackable.

Leave the Big Stuff to the Big Guys

Furniture and heavy equipment like a boat or RV are best left to those with experience. Sound expensive? It doesn’t have to be if you do your research and get quotes. Whether you choose to move yourself or hire movers for your household goods, you should at least enlist help when hauling the really big items.

You can seek bids on almost every item imaginable from customer rated shipping companies via Just make certain you obtain accurate measurements on your items before you post your request for quotes on a marketplace site like this. The shipper needs to know the dimensions and weight to offer an accurate bid.

Clean Before you Unpack

Cleaning your new place for the first time can actually be enjoyable; it gives you a fresh start. When you’re finally done unpacking, you can completely relax.

These tips are just a starting point for pulling off the perfect move. All of the old sayings about the importance of preparation are true. You will not regret it.

Stephanie is a journalist originally from Nebraska and now lives in Phoenix.

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