Sense of Community

group of handsA sense of community is so important to feel settled.  I was listening to an interview prior to mine on Army Wife Network to talk about my Moving Journal for Kids.  It was an interview with Sarah Smiley talking about her recent book, Dinner with the Smileys.  During her husband’s deployment, she decided to host weekly dinners with members of her community to connect with them and teach her sons.  It was heartwarming to hear her stories of meeting the governor, local politicians, community leaders and business owners.  There were days her boys misbehaved and there were days when they had opportunities to grow and learn.

What an excellent idea!  Not that I am advocating that once you move into a new community you should open your door and cook dinner for everyone.  I think there are important lessons to be learned from her experience.  A sense of community is so important.  Getting to know your neighbors and members of your community goes a long way.  For those of us who move frequently, often times these community members become extended family.  They provide support and comfort.  It doesn’t take much.  From volunteering at your child’s school to having a cup of coffee at the local coffee shop every week, you can get to know the members of your community.  Building this support network is critical to building that sense of community.  Participation is your key to building that sense of community.  So get out and get involved.  It will prove to help you and your family get settled faster.

MovinGal can help you build that sense of community and put you in contact with all of the resources you need to get settled faster.

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