Back to School

mom and childrenIt is that time of year when your children head back to school.  For those of you who have just moved recently, this may be the first week that your child attends his or her new school.  Ice cream socials, back-to-school nights and PTO meetings may seem a bit overwhelming at first, especially after a move.  Keep in mind that your involvement with your child’s school sets the tone for your child.  The more involved you are the better connected you will become and you will be in a better position to navigate your child throughout his or her school year.  Further, your child takes their queues from you.  Once they see the effort you are making, they will do the same and it will help them settle into their new life.  Also, getting involved offers you an opportunity to meet parents and make new friends.  Time eludes you when moving and settling in takes time.  Your child’s school is a great vehicle to navigate the new community and gain support.

Every school has a different culture and it may take sometime to understand the dynamics.  Take the time to find the right fit and level of involvement for you and your family.  Good luck!  All the best on a great school year!

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