Buying Second-Hand Furniture? Be Cautious.

second hand sofaGiven the economy and the cost of the average move, many of you may be considering buying second-hand furniture.  I have a word of caution for you.  Unfortunately, since the reemergence of the bed bug, you will have to be cautious if you are not aware of the item’s origins.  The items that pose the most risk are mattresses, sofas, couches and ottomans.  Tables, lamps and other hard surface items should be fine.  However, you do want to do a thorough inspection and look for the bugs or their remnants, which will look like brown specks.  If anything looks questionable, reconsider.  Further, once you have decided that the item looks fine, clean it.  Take the extra step to do this to be safe.

Remember, there are many affordable alternatives to used furniture.  Ikea, Target and Walmart all offer reasonable priced furniture and bedding options.  Big box retailers like Sams and Costco offer reasonably priced mattresses.  Do your homework and it will pay off in the end.  Bed bugs are problematic because once they are introduced to your new home they are very difficult to eradicate.

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