Moving Abroad? Know Your Rights and Responsibilities

us passports & mapMoving abroad?  It is imperative to educate yourself about your rights and responsibilities as a foreign national living in your new home country before you move.  All of us have heard about those horror stories of an unassuming young student carrying a small package of marijuana ending up in prison facing stiff penalties.  Therefore, you need to understand the legal system of your new country and what is expected.  This will help prepare you for your adventure.  You may not fully understand the differences, but as long as you know enough to prevent yourself from inadvertently getting in trouble the better off you will be.  Take the time to understand the type of legal system that is practiced in your new home country.  This is so important to understanding your rights and responsibilities.  Before you leave, check out the US State Department’s website to see about travel advisories and warnings.  Further, do your research online about customs, the legal system and rights of foreign nationals.  Know that in some countries religious practices and customs are an integral part of governing.  It is important to recognize you are their guests.  You may not agree with their way of governing, but it is best to respect their differences instead of confronting.  It will make your life easier.  Know where and the contact details of the US Embassy in your new home country.  This is important in case you have any issue.

A foreign assignment or studying abroad is an experience of a lifetime.  However, preparation and keeping an open mind are keys to making the most of your experience.  For more great moving tips and advice, visit MovinGal.

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