Moving? Be the First to Break the News to Your Children

Moving or planning a move?  If this is the case and you have kids, please be upfront with them.  Of course you know your child best, however just keep in mind that once you have made the decision to move you need to be the first to tell them.  The last thing you want is for them to find out from someone else.  This way you can cushion the blow for them and help them to understand the circumstances which leads you to move.

Even though we have young children and at the times of our last three moves they were very young, we told the children right away.  We put it in a way that they could understand.  For example, daddy’s job is now in Nevada and we now have to go there to live.  They will be full of questions and may not digest it right away but by being the one to tell them you can help prepare them for the process.  Also, I suggest getting them a journal to catalog their feelings.  Even though they may not write, they can draw pictures of their feelings and friends.  This is a great tool to help them process the move.  Consider my Moving Journal for Kids.  It will help both you as a parent keep in tune with your child and help your child cope with their feelings of displacement. Remember, moving and settling in is a process, which will require you to continue to check in with your family.  Just because they made the move alright doesn’t mean they have transitioned successfully.  Keeping the lines of communication open will go a long way.

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