Moving? DIY? Be Realistic

Moving?  DIY?  Be realistic.  I have a funny story to tell you and I hope you can learn from our mistake.  Years ago shortly after moving in, my husband and I decided to move a couch from a room downstairs to an upstairs bedroom.  Since we were so new to the neighborhood, my husband did not want to bother our neighbors for help.  Of course, he asked me to help, which was not the first time I had to man-up and move bigger pieces of furniture than I would like or can carry.  In any event, we had to muscle this stupid couch outside around to the front entrance and walk it up the stairs.  After we finally strong-armed it up to the bedroom entrance, we tried to get it in the bedroom.  I walked into the bedroom first and my husband brought up the rear.  We tried several times to get the dang couch in the room and it would not budge.  Finally, the couch got stuck with me in the room and my husband on the other side.  We were both yelling at one another.  It was priceless.  It is hilarious now, but at the time it was not.  Finally, my husband was able to move the couch a little so that I could squeeze myself out of the room.  At the end of the fiasco, we were both licking our wounds and ended up getting some movers to help us out.  They had that couch out in a matter of seconds and ended up getting the bloody thing in the bedroom without any trouble.

I tell you this story for two reasons.  First, to give you a little giggle at our expense and second to have you consider your abilities and resources before doing-it-yourself.  Ask yourself several questions.  What is my budget?  How much stuff do I have?  How many friends and family will be able to help?  How far is my move?  Do I have any current injuries that could prevent me from moving my things around safely or worse could I reinjure myself?

When asking yourself these questions, be realistic.  If you are able to move yourself, you will definitely save yourself some money.  However, sometimes it is best left to the professionals.  Weigh your options against your budget.  Don’t be penny wise and dollar foolish.  You don’t want to end up spending the money you saved on doctor bills for that back injury from moving something you knew was risky.

For further information and tips about preventing injury while moving yourself, check out Essortment’s list of preventing back injury on moving day.

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