Moving? It is Never too Early to Prepare

If you are planning a move for this year, you can begin to prepare now.  It is never to early.  For example, as you begin to put away your holiday decorations, weed through them and ask yourself, do I want to pay to move this?  If the answer is no, then put it in the donation pile.  If you received some lovely new clothes for Christmas, clean out your closet and make room for your new items and get rid of your old clothes and shoes.  You will benefit two ways.  Your closet will be cleared out and will look roomy for a potential buyer and you will be able to take your donations to charitable organizations and still qualify for a tax write-off for next year.  If your kiddos received toys, weed through their old toys with them and give those toys away to a charitable organization of their choice.  This offers a great opportunity to teach your children about giving to the less fortunate and if they pick the organization they will feel ownership.  We do this with our kids and it has worked really well for our family.  Further, if you have some food you would rather donate than move a great organization is Move for Hunger.  Participating movers and realtors will take your non-perishable items to help fight hunger in this country.  It is a great way to do your part and save on moving.  All the best to you this New Year.  Remember if moving is on your horizon, preparing early will make a big difference.

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