Medical Journals

Medical journals are a great way to keep track of all of your medical history and is especially useful if you move frequently has we have.  I wrote this post a year ago but as I spoke with a nurse to schedule the exact same surgery for my middle guy today, I thought this would make a great repost.  My oldest son is going to have surgery today.  I am a bit unnerved, but I know he is in good hands.  Nonetheless, it does bring a great tip to mind that I learned from a nurse when I had my second son.  Whether or not you have a child this is an invaluable tool to have.  She suggested having a medical notebook or journal for each person in your family.  It has served me very well over the years.  I have done this for each of my sons, who have asthma.  I have a notebook for each of them and I log in any major health events in their lives.  Vaccinations, ER visits, major illnesses, surgeries, allergy information are all logged into the book.  This is so helpful if you move frequently and/or have children with a chronic health problem like asthma.  There are now applications you can buy for your phone that will make it easier for you to record and catalog medical events.

Often times you have to fill out medical history forms at your new location and it is difficult to remember the details.  This prevents the frustration of having to wait for all of your medical records to be transferred and making phone calls to your previous doctors.  Preparing now will help you later.

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