Moving and Having a Baby?

Moving and having a baby?  When you move as often as we have, inevitably you may find yourself having a baby in a location that you will not call home for very long.  If this is the case, it is so important to get your paperwork in order and get several copies.  I have had three boys and they were born in two different states.  Before we moved from each state, I made sure I got a handful of copies of their birth certificate and filed for their social security number. If you do this right when your baby is born, you will not be scrambling to do it before you move.  I just keep these extra copies with me in a portable file bin with all of our important documents.  This way if we have an upcoming move or if there is an emergency, I can grab the bin and go.

As for birth announcements, you may want to consider doing an announcement back in your home town or do an online version with an email card.  This way all of your friends and family, who are not nearby will get the wonderful news as soon as possible.

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